Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint


Microsoft PowerPoint is the irrefutable presentation program for people who want to create elegant slideshows. PowerPoint is normally used in an enterprise with sales people who want to share ideas in front of a large audience, but even small businesses and individuals can use it to display ideas.

This course will teach you how to prepare professional business presentations that are identical to the ones that are delivered by major investment banks and consulting firms. You will learn how to create, edit and present professional looking presentations using text, tables, diagrams, charts and pictures as well as providing you with presentation tips



Main Features

  • Examine slide show presentation concepts and explore the Microsoft Office PowerPoint environment.
  • Create a new presentation.
  • Modify presentation themes.
  • Add and edit text to slides.
  • Add new slides to a presentation.
  • Insert clipart images and shapes to slides.
  • Insert and modify tables and charts.
  • Add sound and video to a slide presentation.
  • Insert and edit animations and slide transitions.
  • Display a speaker-lead and self-running presentation.

What is the target audience?


Ability to read and write in English
Microsoft Office 2016 installed and ready to use on your computer

Course Target Audience:

This Microsoft Word training class is for professionals who would like to learn skills to efficiently use this word processing application.