Java Standard Edition 8

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The Loctech Java training Masterclass will give you the opportunity to learn java the fastest and easiest way since Java was designed to be easy to use in terms of writing, compiling and debugging.
Java is Object-oriented in nature, the training will afford the opportunity to create modular programs and reusable code.
With a distributed feature, Java is designed to ensure that distributed computing is made easy along side networking capability that is inherently embedded with it.
This means you could write network programs in like sending and receiving data to and from a file.

Java Programming language has earned enormous acceptance ever since it emerged. Hence, its rapid ascension and popularity can be attributed to its design and dynamic programming features, especially with the quality assurance that it can provide a platform-independent feature i.e the ability for you to write a program once, and execute it anywhere and anytime. As a programming language selected for Network Computers (NC), it has been rated as a universal front end particularly for the enterprise database. As rightly stated by Java language white paper by Sun Micro-systems: “Java is object-oriented, interpreted, robust, simple, portable, multi threaded, architectural, neutral and dynamic.” Java programming language contains an appreciated volume of advantage over other programming languages and environments that makes it suitably preferable for just any programming task.

Coding with Java is highly secure. Hence, Java considers security as a key aspect of its design. This simply implies that the Java programming language, interpreter, compiler and runtime environment were certainly developed with security playing a leading role. Java programming language also comes with a Multithreaded feature capable for a program to execute several tasks concurrently within a particular program. In Java, multithreaded programming has been smoothly integrated into it, while in other languages, operating system-specific procedures would be referenced in order to ensure multi threading.

Finally, because Java Programming language is robust in nature, ease of use, cross platform capabilities and security features, has made Java emerge as a language of choice which provides worldwide internet solutions.

As Java remains some of the most preferred programming languages for developing modern applications. The job market is extensive and a lot of opportunities abound for anyone who masters the language. As complex as Java programming language is , our lessons at loctech breaks down the core concepts of the language for your understanding. Get a solid foundation in Java programming if you were looking to start a career in software development. At the end of the course you’d have learnt the nuts and bolts of Java with a level of proficiency highly demanded by potential employers. All the topics covered within the duration of the course also enhances your chances of passing the JAVA Programming SE 8 exam and the Oracle Certified Associate programme. Enroll for the course if you’re preparing for any of these exams.


Main Features

  • Installing the java SE Development kit 8 (JDK)
  • The features of the java programming language
  • The java platform
  • The java development kit (JDK)
  • Introduction to Objects
  • Java Conventions and Primitives
  • Abstract Classes and Interfaces
  • Collection, Arrays
  • Exception Handling

What is the target audience?

  • Basic knowledge of computer and desktop application
  • A working computer


Who this Java Standard Edition course is for
  • Individuals who are interested in building and developing software applications
  • Programmers who want to build mobile applications
  • Individuals who want to interface hardware with software