Python Fundamentals for Beginners

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  • Last Update August 21, 2020


Python is an open source, general purpose, and interpreted, object-oriented language which is used in the development of programs, provided the right tools and library is made available. Thus, its general appeal in the development of web applications, Machine Learning, data analysis and complex arithmetic computing.

A lot of top companies presently employ Python in the developing of their programs and applications. This includes Google Search Engine parent company Alphabet, Instagram (Facebook), Yahoo, YouTube (Google), Dropbox (Dropbox), Spotify etc.

Furthermore, Python has become the 2nd most popular programming language according to recent reviews and has also become one of the skills with a raising salary base. And With the raise of new technologies like Big Data, Machine Learning and Data Science, Python Developers has been in huge demand, especially because it can be used to build the back-end of web-based applications.

More of Its Advantages over other programming Languages include

  1. A flexible and dynamic syntax structure
  2. It is open source.
  3. Its extensible in C and its family

More so, at the beginning of this training, you will be introduced to what makes python a sort after trade skill, you will be taught the fundamental code skills needed and will also be introduced to the various solutions you can proffer with the knowledge you have acquired at the conclusion of our training.


Main Features

  • Syntax
  • Python objects
  • Scalar types
  • Operators
  • String I/O
  • Functions
  • Python modules
  • Collections
  • Python best practices

What is the target audience?

Basic familiarity with the fundamental concepts of programming HTML

The Course Target Audience are

  • Students
  • anyone looking for a job in the web Development field
  • anyone who is passionate about Python Programming